Stress Reduction & Calming the Mind

In today’s overly stimulated world, stress is one of the main causes of dis-ease.  Stress Reduction & Calming the Mind will teach each client specific meditation/breathing techniques that will take their nervous system from fight or flight to rest and digest. These extremely beneficial and time tested practices will also help the body to release the feel good hormones that will give the entire system some much needed calming space from a constant influx of mental anxiety and physical tension.  When combined with gentle yet energetic exercises, the entire mind, body, & spirit will learn to open, relax, and follow its natural rhythm and flow. 


Transformational Emotional Release

Transformational Emotional Release incorporates a specific breathing technique that has been equated to undergoing years of therapy after experiencing merely one session.  This incredible breathing method will reach deep within the body’s nervous system to help encourage releases of tightly held emotions in a natural and liberating manner.  As psychologically powerful as this experience can be, the breathwork facilitator will put a strong emphasis on creating a safe and compassionate space where real life changes of the client can transpire and blossom freely. 



Energizing Clarity & Manifesting Your Life

Many people misunderstand the practices of the ‘Law of Attraction’ and Manifesting.  You cannot just sit in a room and visualize winning the lottery and then walk away wondering why it didn’t work.  Energizing Clarity & Manifesting Your Life will teach each client how to create a very specific mental picture that will help bring clearness to what it is the client actually desires. After the vision becomes clear, the client will learn specialize energetic breathing methods that will invite a new vitality to their entire mental & physical being. They will then introduce a new mindset to help create a productive daily action plan. This new regimen will persistently work toward making sure each day the client draws closer and closer to their specific life goals. Once you learn that YOU are the playwright of YOUR life’s play, you will never let someone else write YOUR story again! 



Tune Ups for the Workplace

The majority of people do not exactly till the fields and work the land anymore.  Most are sitting for hours and hours at a desk reinforcing horrible posture and crowding the vital organs. Tune Ups for the Workplace is a wellness program that is brought right to your office, school, medical facility or any work environment that could use a bit of health & wellness.  By giving workers a much needed break and the gift of being pampered, businesses will see their employee’s shoulders go down while profits and productivity goes up.  This package includes services such as on-site chair massage and group workshops geared to teach your employees how to relieve stress and prevent/recover from the aches and pains of the workplace’s daily grind. It is the perfect tool to boost overall morale and to show your employees that you care about more than just the bottom line.



Total Mind & Body Health and Wellness

Total Mind & Body Health and Wellness incorporates breathwork, therapeutic movement (such as Chi Kung, Pilates, & Martial Arts to mention a few), and East/West Bodywork/Reiki.  The client will learn about their own mind/body connection so that they can live the healthiest mental and physical life possible.  Michael Lang has a vast and eclectic knowledge base and he shares it with each client with mindfulness and loving compassion.  The client will never be bored and will experience a non-judgement environment that will keep them interested and inspired.  THIS is the program that shows the full potential and gives LANG Mind & Body the meaning behind its name!


Gentle & Mindful Movement for the Elderly

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Playing with the Elements for Kids

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