“Michael’s sessions are creative and a lot of fun!  I always feel my inner child wanting to come out and play. If you are someone looking for health and wellness, LANG Mind & Body  guides those of all ages and body types through a mind, body, and spirit regimen that is tailored specifically for you.”

Amanda D. (25, Dancer/Mountain Climber)


“It’s hard to explain but after a session with Michael it was as if I could literally feel the muscles become smoother beneath my skin. And, at the end of the first session I could completely touch my chin to my chest.  I haven’t been able to do that in nearly fifteen years! I would highly recommend Michael’s work to anyone who sits at a computer for hours at a time. Thanks so much!

Robert K. (64, Attorney)


“It was very free and the meditation at the end took me a little bit beyond what I was expecting in a very good way. It was very profound.  I could literally feel some energies around me.  If you are considering LANG Mind & Body, just do it!  You can be a professional dancer or a professional couch potato; you get up and move like you move or like you can move and you will get what you need out of it.”

Dom G. (35, Performer/Choreographer/Educator)


“I’ve never had an experience or a workout where, from head to toe, inside and out, I felt like it conditioned me.  It left me with a lot of mixed emotions.  There was a moment in our breathing session where I was feeling teary, but teary because I was happy but I was also kind of sad. I just felt all of these experiences and all of these emotions coming up and it made me feel like, ‘Wow, something’s really working out in there!’ ”

Liz H. (41, Artist/Fitness Instructor)


“First off, I was definitely a little nervous but it was not as bad as I was anticipating.  It was actually quite great and very freeing.  I came out of it feeling really just… lighter.  After the breathwork my mind felt more centered and accepting of myself.  The whole session left me with a feeling of releasing my past while having more clarity of where I’m going to go from here.”

Taylor O. (23, Elementary School Teacher)


I am 74 years old and I am currently working with Michael Lang via FaceTime on medical Chi Kung and Breathwork.  The work we do is helping me be more mobile and "open".  I love his approach with people and his honest compassion.  The most important thing I personally get from Michael is his ability to help me connect with myself - and my spirituality. As an instructor/teacher, he is gentle and focused and he loves what he does.  You can tell this is something that suits him perfectly.

Dan Foss (74, Retired Actor)


I love Michael's sense of humor and his approach to sharing his knowledge.  I am in my 70's and have some hip issues but I feel the change physically and spiritually after our sessions.  Working with Michael always brings me a sense of peace, wellness and connection. 

Bonnie Lee (73, Retired Actor)


“Michael taught me how to move my body in ways I have never been able to move it before. I highly recommend trying these amazing techniques out for anybody with an aching body, all types of athletes, or just anybody seeking self-improvement!”

Will D. (23, Biotech Sales Specialist)


Michael Lang uses innovative techniques incorporating his background in Breathing, Dance, Chi Kung, and Pilates to think outside the box when helping his clients achieve their health & wellness goals.  He works with his clients in unconventional ways, utilizing exercises that he creates specifically for them. And what truly sets Michael Lang apart from everybody else is his emphasis on mindfulness and body awareness training." As a MD, I was amazed by his ability to bounce back and forth and combine the wisdom of the east with the science based knowledge of western anatomy & physiology.  I would highly recommend LANG Mind & Body to anyone looking for a complete health regimen that addresses multiple systems of the mind and body!”

Steven A.(41, MD)


“A year ago, I was seen by the Cleveland Clinic spine health clinic for neck problems.  One of their suggestions was to have massage.  Not only do I have weekly massage sessions but Michael has taught me useful tools to use alone.  He keeps our sessions fresh with new activities.  Michael was trained in NYC and California and has had clients from the Broadway Theater and Wall Street.  He also knows the essentials of Tai Chi and Chi Kung.  My doctor thinks I look better and I feel better.   In the words of a recent Cleveland Clinic TV add, “Why would you use anyone but the best?”  Michael Lang is one of the best.”

James Boyer, Ph.D. (81, Retired High School Principal)




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